Midtown Tacos: The Hole in the Wall you Didn’t Know you Needed


Midtown Tacos is back. The creativity of restaurateur Ivan Fontana is constantly bringing new life and fresh options for diners and drinkers in midtown. Starting with the restaurant Midtown Eats on Virginia Street back in 2012, Ivan then opened a speakeasy-style, fancy drink bar across the street, Death and Taxes, in which diners could enjoy a cocktail while waiting for a seat at the intimate Midtown Eats. Due to the immediate popularity of the restaurant, they needed a larger space, so moved over to Cheney Street next to the new bar, but had almost a year remaining on the restaurant lease on Virginia Street.

Not wanting to waste the space, they created a unique, “American authentic” taco shop, fittingly named Midtown Tacos. Offering perfectly salty, limey, chips and guacamole; delicious, hot-and-melty queso with chorizo; street-style carnitas, carne asada, and fish tacos; and a very in-n-out reminiscent chessburger taco. It was a fast, affordable, and a delicious place to grab a quick bite in the neighborhood. Sadly, the lease ended, and the landlord of Shea’s took over and closed the taco shop.


Happily for Midtown Tacos fans, Ivan has brought the taco shop back by making creative use of the space behind Midtown Eats and Death and Taxes, on the alley of Cheney Street. Look for the tiny pink stucco building in the alley, barely big enough for a kitchen and small counter, or follow the smell of carnitas crisping on the flattop, and prepare to enjoy some standout food.

Hours of Operation:

Tuesday & Wednesday: 11am – 3pm
Thursday & Friday: 11am – 10pm
Saturday: 3 – 10pm
Sunday: Closed

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