The Benna Mountain Luxury Story

JB Benna and Jennifer-Benna the team for Mountain Luxury Real Estate Sales and Real Estate Marketing



Real estate has always been a long time passion for both JB and I. We bought our first home in the Hollywood Hills in 2003 . In that time, we would watch the MLS daily and as soon as a new listing came out we had to see the property immediately.  Many nights, we were driving well after dark and sometimes until midnight to find a home that fit our likes and budget, knowing we would have to make an offer on the spot. That was Los Angeles real estate and short of a few years in the recession of 2007-2008, is still Los Angeles real estate.

JB and I adventured out of Los Angeles and 3 moves and 3 more homes later, we settled back into our hometown of Reno.  I continued my 12 year biotech sales career there and JB’s opened the doors to his advertising agency, Studio Benna in 2013. But one thing never changed in the past 14 years; our love for the mountains and our love for trail running. A total of 110+ ultramarathons between us both has woven a life of adventure, mountains, travel and raising our kids to love and appreciate the outdoors. The cornerstone of a passion has now created a business we share together.

Influenced by our location in the mountains, visual storytelling, and a great love for helping people find their dreams is what Benna Mountain Luxury is made of. We see the need to take the marketing of properties to a new level.  A house is not just a house. It’s a home with memories, backyards, birthday’s, and the life events that stick with you for a lifetime.  We hope to represent both buyers and sellers who want more out of their partnership with real estate firm.

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