Reno-Tahoe Market Update | April 2020

At its core, real estate is about community. Market conditions will vary between hot and cold but times like these reveal the bonds that tie our area together. While real estate activity has slowed to a trickle, our community has shown tremendous resolve as we shelter in place; doing our part as individuals and collectively…

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Reno-Tahoe Market Update | March 2020

Reno-Tahoe real estate posted yet another strong month for closed transactions in February 2020. While the momentum in the local market is undeniable, closed transactions are generally a lagging indicator of economic conditions given that most deals are consummated 30-60 days prior. As such, the impact of recent economic events will not be quantifiable for…

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Reno-Tahoe Market Update | February 2020

Reno-Tahoe real estate has begun the decade with torrent, bucking the seasonal malaise characteristic of the year’s early months. There were 746 closed residential transactions year-to-date, which is more typical of an early Q2 result for the local market, topping January, 2019 by 10%. Moreover, the median price of $358,787 exceeds the same month a…

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Take Advantage of Your Home Equity

Take Advantage of Your Home Equity: A Homeowner’s Guide Homeownership offers many advantages over renting, including a stable living environment, predictable monthly payments, and the freedom to make modifications. Neighborhoods with high rates of homeownership have less crime and more civic engagement. Additionally, studies show that homeowners are happier and healthier than renters, and their…

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2020 Real Estate Market Forecast:

2 We’re in the midst of the longest economic expansion in U.S. history, and economists think there’s still room to grow. A recent survey by the National Association for Business Economics found that experts believe the U.S. economy will remain positive throughout 2020.1 Still, given that recessions are a natural (and necessary) part of a…

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Benna Mountain Luxury Real Estate Reno Tahoe Market Update

Reno-Tahoe Market Update | January 2020

‘Tis the season for retrospective analysis and what a year it was.  Using the combination of market forces that have propelled the Reno-Tahoe market in post-recession years, local real estate surged to highest-ever results in total transaction volume, pricing and luxury sales. Total real estate volume surpassed $5 billion for the first time in recorded…

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Reno-Tahoe Market Update | December 2019

Real estate activity in the Reno region has been riding an unseasonably busy wave heading into the final months of the year. Late Q4 / early Q1 is typically when the local market bottom’s out as inventory wanes and consumer attention is focused on holidays, school and other fundamental pursuits. As such, 418 single-family transactions…

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Reno Tahoe Market Update November 2019

Reno-Tahoe Market Update | November 2019

In a time where market conditions seem unable to determine a sustainable trajectory, the performance of Reno real estate over the last 30 days has been…. average. The average price of a single-family home held steady at $404,975 while the number of sales fell 7% to 561 from the same period a year ago. Active…

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