Reno-Tahoe Market Update | April 2020

At its core, real estate is about community. Market conditions will vary between hot and cold but times like these reveal the bonds that tie our area together. While real estate activity has slowed to a trickle, our community has shown tremendous resolve as we shelter in place; doing our part as individuals and collectively to keep ourselves healthy.

When this moment has passed, we have every confidence that Reno will continue on the path to prosperity that we’ve been fortunate to enjoy. While employment is a tremendous challenge in the current economy, the fundamentals that created the fastest rate of job creation in the nation will remain; a beautiful place with countless recreation opportunities with easy regional and national transportation with a cost of living a fraction of what our neighbors in California experience. In fact, as we find new metrics to measure interest in real estate, we are already seeing expressions of interest from Northern Californians seeking a higher quality of life as they sequester in high-cost, high-density cities. It would not be surprising to see Reno at the forefront of our national recovery.

Our community, while being mindful of appropriate social distancing, has created a network of support for those most in need.

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