Less But Better is Our 2019 Resolution

Happy 2019 to you!

We hope the holiday season and ringing in of a New Year brought peace, love and time with your families doing the things you enjoy.

Our Christmas season brought about some timely and true realizations that we will carry onward this year. We’d like to share 3 of them with you as they really have made us smile. We’d love to know what you are doing this year to bring joy.

  • The first change we hope to make this year is one day off per week. For 2 years now, we have worked every single day except for Christmas. We value our clients so much, but we need to take Sundays off every single week to refresh our spirts, minds and be with our children.

    January 2019 – Family Ski Day and Church – Mt. Rose Ski Resort
  • Getting rid of excess! We have begun a total tidying up process at home and have a goal to work through both our home and business. JB started with the kid’s rooms and began sorting through each category and only keeping what brings us joy. We highly encourage checking out the book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” by Marie Kondo. It’s really refreshing and making life more simple.

    January 2019 – Snowman Building – Removing Excess Carrot Noses
  • Being present in each moment and letting go of past and future. Where we have failed this in the past is in trying to multi-task which results in feeling like nothing is really getting done.  So here’s to a year of really focusing on being present!

    January 2019 – Northstar Ice Skating – In the Moment

December 2018 – Washoe Valley Uplifting Run                                                   

December 2018 – JB’s 40th birthday party

Market observations
An evaluation of the performance of Reno real estate reflects a healthy correction from the meteoric rise in values and velocity in preceding years. The first half of 2018 continued the remarkable, and ultimately unsustainable, trajectory before finding a saturation point in recent months. At its busiest, average days on market bottomed out at 71 in May, the lowest measurement on record, before returning to a more moderate 95 days by year end.

Cool Properties

In Reno: 
546 Ridge St, Reduced to $2,499,000. 

In Truckee:
Lahontan Home, 10274 Dick Barter $3,195,000

Best Restaurant – MonacielloFantastic atmosphere, craft pizza, handmade ravioli’s, and braised short ribs were a few of our favorites. Dine here and head across the street to Sundance Bookstore for a post-dinner literary find.


Upcoming Events

February, 23rd TEDX UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA – David Wise


January 19th-February 26th, Truckee Snowshoe Star Tours


Wishing you all a purposeful, simple, and present 2019.

Love and Safety, Health and Kindness and we’d love to hear from you.


JB and Jennifer Benna

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